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Are you saying to yourself things like "I've heard all of this before" and "recruiters lie all the time" please read a few of our reviews below. We have created this site specifically for our drivers to be heard. We also encourage you to find one out on the road and talk to them.

No hassles & many miles. - R A

I love the long length of haul and always having a reload before I'm even empty. - Kristine

Best company I've ever worked for. From the shop, to the owner. They listen to the drivers. Office staff, does their best to accommodate when you need to be home. But it's trucking, things happen. They fully understand, that while we're working away from home. We enjoy, our time home with our loved ones. Miles? All you have to do, is show that you're willing to work. Pay? I'm getting paid more now, than I ever have in my career. Benefits? Haven't had a complaint with them yet. Insurance, covers what I need it to cover. Don't always go by a review on the internet. If you see us, out and about. Ask one us, about the company we call home. - Krescenta M.

This company is top notch and a very personal staff. They make it their business to see to it you are taken care of. Thanks to all the staff ESPECIALLY Ruth Holland for all you did for us. God Bless THIS company. - Frankie C

Holland is a dream company. I didn't take the recruiter's word for it though; I went straight to the drivers. I was told the recruiters didn't lie about what I was told... Turns out they were right!... This is the BEST company I have worked for. Holland has it together with a realistic team of dispatchers that get you the miles - all you have to do is ask for those miles and not disappoint. The safety team is on your side and agree no load is worth your life. To top off the great staff, we have a top notch shop team that helps make sure ALL your truck and trailer problems get resolved. We also have drivers that care for each other, passengers are treated like family, a safety quarterly bonus, a mileage bonus, truck perks and more, you can tell from day one they care about you and your happiness. If you don't love your job, you don't put the effort in - so they make sure you love it. Give them a call and ask if I missed anything. - Ashley Y. - 1 year

I have never been delayed in getting home on time. Bonuses are easy to achieve. I have acquired my bonus almost every quarter. If you want to run lots of miles, then Holland Enterprises is the place for you! - Barry R. - Driver since 2010

I love Holland, they are always there for us no matter what. I can call the shop if I have a problem with the truck or the trailer, and they're always on the other end to help me through any problem I have. Their maintenance program is second to none, they're always looking at their trailers or their trucks when they come into the yard. They want to make sure anything that is wrong is taking care of right there, so the driver doesn't break down on the road. The trucks are awesome... like you can't get any better trucks and all the amenities. We get satellite TV, excellent satellite radio... they even put a TV in my truck, which is a first for me! The orientation is 3 days and you're out on the road. Two days of classroom instruction. One day of getting acquainted with your truck, getting you logged into your logbook, going through on how to do the logging, then it's on the road. You're hauling freight we go east coast to West coast and it's just awesome out here, I love this company. - Roger M. - New hire testimonial

no micro-management..treated decently as professional...good home time and home when you should be...decent pay...no 1 calls to bug you and use transflow or omni tracks to message them..decent amount of time to get their most times ..all the easy miles you want at 68mph..decent equipment..lots better than most places..sorta different dispatcher system but works good mostly have several bosses.. if any issues the owner will help and can be talked too..so overall decent place to work and be treated right as professional driver - Christopher L.

Honestly, they do what they say. - E D

they have the best company for drivers by far they treat drivers white family they take care of them they're very curious and understanding of what drivers want and need - Ronnie A
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