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Are you saying to yourself things like "I've heard all of this before" and "recruiters lie all the time" please read a few of our reviews below. We have created this site specifically for our drivers to be heard. We also encourage you to find one out on the road and talk to them.

Honestly, they do what they say. - E D

After almost a year with Holland I’m still here. Why you ask well I’ll tell you. It’s an awesome company to work for. Are they perfect? No but they try so hard to get to that goal but who is perfect? I’m not perfect Holland isn’t perfect but I’m still here because they are family to me. Great mile good pay and benefits. The shop and staff are awesome so this is why I’m staying put. Oh and the Chili is so good on a North Dakota winters day. - Brian S

They know my name. - Rob W

Been with Holland over 10 years. They do not bother you if you are doing your job right. Great company good miles, great people, family oriented. They do take care of the driver. That's my story and am sticking to it! - Earl G. - 13 years

I respect the fact that dispatch doesn't micromanage the drivers. - Doug D.

36 years long-haul and this is the best place I've worked for from Dennis & Chris Holland and all the way down. - L A

I have never been delayed in getting home on time. Bonuses are easy to achieve. I have acquired my bonus almost every quarter. If you want to run lots of miles, then Holland Enterprises is the place for you! - Barry R. - Driver since 2010

I appreciate that Holland recognizes drivers for their milestones (safety, mileage and longevity). I do not feel like I am micromanaged. Repairs are done in a timely manner. Health insurance is paid 100% by Holland after 2 years. This driver reached 250,000 miles in 2 years. - David R. - Driver since 2019

no micro-management..treated decently as professional...good home time and home when you should be...decent pay...no 1 calls to bug you and use transflow or omni tracks to message them..decent amount of time to get their most times ..all the easy miles you want at 68mph..decent equipment..lots better than most places..sorta different dispatcher system but works good mostly have several bosses.. if any issues the owner will help and can be talked too..so overall decent place to work and be treated right as professional driver - Christopher L.

This company is top notch and a very personal staff. They make it their business to see to it you are taken care of. Thanks to all the staff ESPECIALLY Ruth Holland for all you did for us. God Bless THIS company. - Frankie C
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