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Are you saying to yourself things like "I've heard all of this before" and "recruiters lie all the time" please read a few of our reviews below. We have created this site specifically for our drivers to be heard. We also encourage you to find one out on the road and talk to them.

Honesty, driver treatment, and standing by their word. - J W

I love the long length of haul and always having a reload before I'm even empty. - Kristine

They know my name, no micro baby sitting, great pay, nice benefits, best boss ever. They care about your comfort in the truck & shop boys are great to talk to and work with. - Diana

After almost a year with Holland I’m still here. Why you ask well I’ll tell you. It’s an awesome company to work for. Are they perfect? No but they try so hard to get to that goal but who is perfect? I’m not perfect Holland isn’t perfect but I’m still here because they are family to me. Great mile good pay and benefits. The shop and staff are awesome so this is why I’m staying put. Oh and the Chili is so good on a North Dakota winters day. - Brian S

Holland is the best company that takes great care of their drivers and also take great care of the drivers family too... I know they have helped us a few time in the last 9 years. And I don't even drive for them. So THANK YOU HOLLAND ENTERPRISES! - Melody G. - wife of 10 year driver

no micro-management..treated decently as professional...good home time and home when you should be...decent pay...no 1 calls to bug you and use transflow or omni tracks to message them..decent amount of time to get their most times ..all the easy miles you want at 68mph..decent equipment..lots better than most places..sorta different dispatcher system but works good mostly have several bosses.. if any issues the owner will help and can be talked too..so overall decent place to work and be treated right as professional driver - Christopher L.

I have been employed here almost 2 years. I have been driving for 25 years and this is one of the best companies i have worked for. Good equipment, personal, and a real good mechanic s and shop make working here pleasurable. You will get all the miles you want and have always got me home whenever I wanted. - Shawn F

Outstanding company. Plenty of miles, great equipment, and friendly staff. - Jesse G.

Holland Ent is an example of how companies used to be ran, you have a name and are not a number. The equipment is kept in top shape by a group of great mechanics, the dispatchers are always on top of things, they don't hound you when you get a load with a little extra time, which doesn't happen often. The thing that impressed me the most is the fact the 3rd generation of Holland family is in the office and a driver can speak to them that shows a lot to a veteran driver. The benefits are okay, have not used them so don't have first hand knowledge. Have been here 4.5 years and can honestly say that unlike other companies when there are changes here at Holland they let the drivers know they don't keep us in the dark. - Carrie R.

Equipment is awesome. Trucks are new, they have satellite TVs, XM radio…..all the perks that come with the truck are awesome. Mileage is awesome. Family atmosphere - Jimmy M. - Driver since 2017 - 4 year Safe Driving Award
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